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Ben - Lyric Video (From Share Your Story)
Hey guys. I know I haven't been as active as I'd like to be on here this past month, and for that I am sorry. But the good news is, so much good things are happening and changing in the musical part of my life. It's been a lot! But I have a few videos to put out still this month and I'm excited to share them with you :)

I wrote this song about a guy named Ben who serves in the military. I had the opportunity to meet him on tour, and wow. What an incredible, kind, vulnerable man he is. I'm changed and better from our meeting and from his story. 

His story is about finding peace in the chaos. His chaos was gunshots and screaming. For a lot of us, our chaos is in our own mind, or our families, or our country. For me it's in literally all of those things right now. For America, it is a pretty divisive time right now. We need beauty. We need Art. So I am going to be creating a lot of it because I feel like that's all I can do these days. But I have seen with my own eyes how music like this can transform and heal people. So please, be hope for people. Be kind to people. ASK QUESTIONS. Try to understand where people are coming from before making assumptions. Share this video. Let's bring some beauty to our lives. 

Love you guys. 





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