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Beneath Crovet's Tower
Not much is left of Crovet’s Tower. But the stairwell to the dungeons beneath was cleared of rubble by holy templars of the church seeking stolen relics a decade ago, and since then who knows what strange beasts (or worse – human cultists!) may have turned this into their home? This is my last isometric map for a while, as I return us to our regularly-scheduled top view maps for the foreseeable future (well, at least the next two months). Isometric views will probably appear on the occasional map to help make sense of a multi-level map, but in most cases the detail work will still be top-down. A high resolution version of the map is of course available for download for personal use from the blog post: Yes, this is a repost from a few minutes ago - seem to be having an issue with the Patreon backend this morning.