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A Benefit For Clean Water
For those of you that don't know the Great American Music Hall, the place is gorgeous. For those of you that went to the show, you know that this was an amazing treat for the senses. The ornate carvings that sprawl across the venue in a manner akin to an old west burlesque theater caught light in a way both familiar and surreal while the energy of the stage swirled into crescendo and barreled into the serene. 

I hadn't heard the first act play before, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see a full band emerge from the back of the stage complete with backup singers as well as a selection of singing bowls. Kristina quickly captivated the audience with the allure of this curiosity. As a solo act she pulled our intrest in and held it untill at its seeming precipice the band flew in. It was truly a great introduction into her as an artist.  

The next band to hit the stage was The Quiet Men, a seven piece Irish punk rock band, graced with the presence of Nate Harris of THC and The Missing Pieces. To say they rocked would be an understatement. Jesus fak they rocked. High energy tunes slammed through the room and we were greeted with a new level of raucusness and invitation for inebriation to which I for one, welcomed warmly. 

THC (The Human Condition) was the closing act for the night. Playing their hit songs and classics they were welcomed as the local folk heroes they are, and they did not dissapoint. Songs about modern life played in classic style. Words we could relate to in so many ways strung across nostalgic tunes and rythms. They killed it. 

All proceeds from the show were given to benefit Flint, Michigan, as well as Standing Rock. As always, enjoy the video, and the poster!