Ben's Lore Corner - The Kingdom of Callice
Howdy patrons! As many of you already know, every week I'll flesh out a part of the world we're using in Tabletop Escapades, our Dungeons & Dragons show. This week, I'll describe the Kingdom of Callice, the magical capital of Eserim. We're switching up the format a bit this time around. Since I don't want to fill up our entire Patreon page with text, I ask that you click on the Google Doc below to read the entry.

One thing I need to make clear for this entry is that certain aspects, like the Fathers of Magic and the Arcane Society, are not fully explained. They'll be expanded upon in later entries since they deserve more detail. I hope you enjoy reading about Callice and I can't wait to share another entry with you next Thursday.

The Kingdom of Callice entry:

For some general background information go here: