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Berlin Feels Like Home. Two Years From Now, It'll Be Gone
"I’m a writer because I can’t not be — because I’ve never had a nine-to-five, and because I’m a carnival of mental disorders — but there are things I love about my job. Cinema afternoons and Sunday nights in bars are a couple; journalling for a living is one too. The best part of my life is that this is what I’ve turned homelessness into: a busman’s holiday par excellence, hostelling in Europe and writing about the state of the world to pay the bills.

I want to have a place to live this year, but I’ll miss doing this; I couldn’t if I had rent to pay. More to the point, it’s being taken away from me. In two years’ time, I won’t have the chance to come back here indefinitely — to live and work in the EU for as long as I want, in a city that feels more like home than anywhere. I doubt the people who voted for that know how it feels. I can deal with not having a place to live, but this feels like losing my home."