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Hugs and Kisses
$1 or more per video 16 patrons
 Thank you!!! You're support means a lot! Hugs and kisses to you too! ^_^

Plus if you watch my content here, you don't have to feel guilty for that ad blocker. lol

Creative Process
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Yass! thank you for the love!

This tier will give you access to patreon exclusive photos and any behind the scene clips.

Exclusive Instagram stories ( It'll be our little secret club) so let your girl know about that instagram handle.

PLUS all lower reward tiers 

U da best!
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You love me, you really love me! 

For this tier you get video shout outs (your name will be in my video) and post cards ever so often from places I visit!

I can be like your pen pal from the interwebs. 

Plus all lower tiers

B.A. Kween
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You're a bad ass kween!

You get a quarterly gift from yours truly it could be little souvenirs, trinkets, or just something I really enjoy. 

PLUS all lower reward tiers

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MOTHA. A verbal special thank you at the end of my videos for as long as you're a patron in this tier. PLUS all lower reward tiers
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