BEST bass fishing day ever with Blazer Boats!
Check out this action packed video, best day of bass fishing ever! We fished on Lake Cypress which is part of the Kissimmee Chain of lakes in Central Florida. The 625 Pro-Elite by Blazer Boats is an awesome piece of machinery. Capt. Scott and I tested it's speed and we went over 70+ mph (fully loaded)!  The fastest I have ever gone in a boat my whole life. To top it off, we lost count of the amount of bass we caught! All the bass caught were above average in size and we lost a couple HUGE fish right next to the boat. It was a fun day with non stop fishing action. If you like bass fishing, this is a must-watch video!  

PS- In this video I show you the rig and the fishing method we used to catch a ton of fish! Watch it to find out :-)