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Best Friends | Tour Life
This video is so dear and special to my heart. I think I cried like, 3 times at least while making it. 

I had the honor of being on tour this summer with my best friend in the whole world while she opened up for Switchfoot and Lifehouse, and it was truly life changing. The whole rock tour thing was fun and all, but by far my favorite part about it was the fact that I got to spend the summer with my best friend. I could never, ever do something like this without that.

Friendship is life changing, and it's something that should never, EVER be overlooked.

This is my last video from tour life, so I'm SO pumped that Brynn is in it with me :) If you for some reason haven't already, be sure to go check her out :) She's the bomb.

What do you believe makes someone a good friend? What has been your favorite thing about this summer? What's the most memorable ice cream cone you ate? Tell me EVERYTHING. 

Love you, thank you as always <3 

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