Best of DMs Guild - November 2017
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Welcome to November’s DMs Guild roundup! Every month I gather together some of the best new releases from the DMs Guild. You won’t find many bestsellers here (though some do slip through); the huge amount of new content appearing daily means that lots of great work slips through the cracks. It’s my aim to shed some light on those undiscovered gems, and to give you some fun new things to use in your games that you might not otherwise be aware of.

November’s post is a little late, a victim of the hiatus I’ve been taking. Still, I’m a firm believer in “better late than never”, so here it is. Some of the products listed here have already become Silver and Electrum bestsellers. Normally I try to feature things that have flown under the radar a little, but there was some really good stuff released this month that it would be a shame to ignore.

Adventure Anthology of PB Publishing - $9.95

I'm a little biased, because I've worked on a few of the adventures included in this bundle, but I genuinely believe PB Publishing is consistenly putting out some of the best adventures on DMs Guild. This bundle contains all of PB's adventures from the past year in one easy package. It's a little over $1 per adventure, and well worth it.

Jungle Treks - $4.99

Jungle Treks feels like the kind of product Jeff Stevens would put out, and we all know how much of a fan of his work I am. This is a small collection of brief sidequests that could function as random encounters or be fleshed out to longer one-shots in your jungle games. There are 6 encounters here, each scaled from levels 1-10, all well-written and clearly presented. I'm a particular fan of Mudslide!

Mole’s Magnificent Items - PWYW

This isn't the best-edited product I've ever seen, but I'm giving it a pass because some of the ideas in here are so much fun. This is a collection of 30 new magic items, and what I liked about them is that they tend towards having non-combat uses rather than simply granting powers and bonuses. I'm a particular fan of the Armour of the Shallow Grave, as well as the Gordian Rope.

Scroll of Strange Races - PWYW

This is a small collection of some unusual races, many of which I really like. They all seem fairly well balanced and are very clearly presented, with a nice amount of theme and flavour that's reflected in their racial abilities. The art is gorgeous, too.

Sharkfolk Player Race - Free

Another racial option. The idea of sharkpeople is inherently ridiculous, and you may not get much use out of this personally, but I liked it so much I had to include it. The Blood Frenzy trait is nice and thematic without being at all game-breaking, and I can see people having a lot of fun with this in the right kind of game.

Draconomicon 1: Chromatic Dragons - PWYW

For a game with the word "Dragons" in the title, the 5e Monster Manual doesn't give a huge variety of dragons. This small supplement seeks to address that, offering conversions of brown, grey, and purple dragons. The author states he intends to release supplements for metallic and planar dragons, too, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them.

Treasures and Trinkets for Tier 1 Adventures - $1.99

In this collection of treasure and trinkets, Troy Taylor does something I can't believe I've never thought of doing. As well as some lists of unusual trinkets and some nice magical items, this book also gives you "treasure packets" - pre-stocked loot hauls that you can simply pick out of the book, rather than spending time rolling on tables. There are lists of contents for various backpacks and containers, and simple loot hauls with GP values for parties who would rather just know how much their stuff is worth - and it's all appropriate for Tier 1 adventures, so you don't need to worry about unbalancing your game. It's a great little product, and I'm looking forward to reading volume 2.

All the Dragons! The Dragons! Volumes 1 and 2 Bundle - $3.95

I somehow missed Tony's Dragons! books when they first came out, so it was a pleasure to be sent this bundle of the two volumes. Where Draconomicon aims to expand the kinds of dragons available to you, Tony provides stat blocks for the Monster Manual's already-existing dragons at a variety of new age ranges, making it easier to drop a fire lizard into your game at whatever level you like. These seem really solid and nicely-balanced, and I'm looking forward to throwing some of them at my players.

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