"Best of" Fire Breathing Christian Book?
Howdy and Happy Wednesday, y'all. I'm considering compiling the "best of" Year One of the Fire Breathing Christian blog into a book and would *really* appreciate your feedback and help. With the first anniversary of FBC's (almost) daily activity coming up on August 1, the idea is to put together something that will capture the best of what has been posted here along with added bits and commentary that pull it all together to make as Christ-honoring and Kingdom-driven a book as possible. If this works out, I can see it becoming an annual deal. I'd like to start on Volume One shortly after we get past our August 1 anniversary, and I'd like to have it published and available by sometime in November, Lord willing. What I could *really* use from you is...well...three things, actually: 1. Prayer for guidance. 2. Suggestions (or "nominations") for articles to be included in the book. 3. Any other ideas that you might have along these lines. That's it for now. I really do appreciate your consideration of these things. Thank you for your time, prayers, encouragement and support! In His grip, Scott