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$2 or more per month 17 patrons

  • ACCESS to some unlisted videos including exclusive or archived video game livestreams.
  • CHAMPION status on our Discord server.
  • YOUR NAME at the end of every video as a Supporter!
Includes Discord rewards
$5 or more per month 12 patrons

  • Access to the previous tier's rewards.
  • Access to early previews of work-in-progress videos!
  • A one-time PERSONAL THANKS in the first video of the following month!
Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month 5 patrons

  • Access to previous tiers rewards.
  • Access to my unreleased original music as videos!
  • A PERSONAL THANKS at the end of every video!
Includes Discord rewards
$20 or more per month 3 patrons

  • Access to previous tiers rewards.
  • A Discord voice conversation at least once a month. (Message me!)
Includes Discord rewards
$30 or more per month 3 patrons

  • Access to previous tiers rewards.
  • You will receive various gifts from videos, random swag, and merch that could have to do with the channel or not whenever I can obtain or afford them. Quality and frequency of these items will increase as the earnings grow.
  • You can write one random sentence for me to say in at least one video per month.
Includes Discord rewards
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