The best perk of being a patron
Just wanted to give you a heads up on a change I made to my contact page on my official site, even though it is not something that affects you because you are a patron. I get a lot of emails and most of these are looking for advice. Most people want my educated opinion on their situation or something they are interested in doing as well as just a lot of general advice or information on the Philippines. I appreciate that they respect me enough to ask my opinion, but the truth is reading and answering these letters is very time consuming. I have been giving nice answers and then letting them know about my patreon campaign, however, after they get what they want that's it. They won't even give me a thank you. So now I am requiring a $25 deposit through paypal before I answer email consultations. I have always believed one of the best perks of being a patron is access to freely ask Imabelle and I questions getting an honest, educated opinion. You are helping me do what I want to do, so it is a pleasure to give you what you want. Thank you very much.
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