The Best Writing Tips Ever
Facebook popped up a post I'd written a few years ago. I'm guessing it was their way of connecting with me over the Paris terror attacks. Thanks, Facebook! Anyway, my post contained a link to a list of Allen Ginsberg's personal writing tips, which I had totally forgotten about.

I'm a big Ginsberg fan, although his poetry is so....teeming (?)...I can only do a little bit at a time. But he was a great human being and I was fortunate enough to see him perform live in Paris a few months before he died.

These tips are just delicious. I pulled the list up on my phone this morning as I was sitting on the toilet trying to refocus after a couple hours' non-stop writing. (I leave that sentence without further commentary and cite Tip # 36: "Details are the life of prose" by my personal patron saint of writing, Jack Kerouac.)

These are the ones that really resonated with me today:

66. Candor ends paranoia - Allen Ginsberg

67. "Willingness to be Fool" - Rinpoche Chugyam Trungpa

It's so easy to dissimilate or dilute what we're creating by allowing the editorial (censoring) mind access to our creative space.

I'd add my own tip here:

"Left brain = creating | Right brain = editing. Each hemisphere has its own space - this is as it should be."

In other words, when you're writing (jamming, letting ideas develop), write until the flow subsides. Then, and only then, allow the editor in.

Here's the complete list of Ginsberg's tips: