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Gratitude Zone
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  • Early Access to Comics!
  • Fresh-cut thanks and gratitude from yours truly!
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Like seeing how things are made?

At this level you get access to:

  • The Creator Blog - In-depth, step-by-step posts about creating comics.  Drafting, writing, layout, lettering.
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Dive deep into the worlds of the comics with digital collections!
At this level, you get your hands on:

  • Hi-res E-Books of Legends of Fomora Chapters!
  • Bestiary and Codex entries, detailing monsters and lore of Fomora and more!
  • Plus all of the Gratitude Zone and Creation Station benefits.
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Make your voice heard at Goats Head Studios!

At this level you can Vote on things like:

  • Bestiary and Codex entries.
  • A monthly Postcard from Fomora!
  • Plus all of the Gratitude Zone, Creation Station, and World Building Site benefits.
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