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ALIENS added new section Ecosystem Classification added new section Alien Psychology added new section Fermi's Nightmare's_Nightmare APOCALYPSE added new section Dinosaur Killer Asteroid added new section Exploding Stars, with sub sections Nova, Dwarf Nova, Kilonova, Luminous Red Nova, and Supernova ASTROMILITARY added to Fleet Design a link to Ray McVay's example, to match the prior links for Strategic Assumptions, Strategic Goals, and Fleet Missions ENGINE LIST added new section ISRU Metal-Oxygen rockets FASTER THAN LIGHT added commentary about the movie Forbidden Planet FUTURE HISTORY added a quote from A Little Knowledge from Poul Anderson INFRASTRUCTURE added section about using conical shrouds to mine asteroids added new section Lunar Mining LIFE SUPPORT added a quote about Space Cultural Analysis INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION added quote about the culture of reproduction with respect to growing a colony INTERSTELLAR TRADE added quote about One Product Planets
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