Hi again! I'll use these Patreon posts to keep an updated list of what is currently available as beta or experimental features on Wago.io. As of today there are three features available to Patrons at various stages of "completeness". Subscribers will also see a list of their enabled beta features in the left navigation.

1. A dark theme for the site is a new option for you. On your account page you can select between the current "Classic" view or the new "Dark" view. There might be some awkward looking elements here and there. This should be more or less complete but there are some awkward stylings on a few elements that need to be cleaned up.

2. A WeakAuras.lua SavedVariables files upload is available. This feature technically works as-is but there's not a lot you can do with it yet. You can extract individual WeakAuras with an Extract dropdown and I suppose it could work as a backup. I'd like to expand on this to scan all your WeakAuras and track down which one is making those annoying sounds or which one is generating errors.

3. A load tab is a new option on all WeakAuras. This mimics the load tab from the in-game addon and will update the table data automatically. The dropdowns have some issues but the other field types should work as expected. Adding similar functionality from the other tabs in the addon is an obvious future step here. Note that the "Spell Known" field requires the spell ID. Searching by spell name is planned.

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