Beta, Release Candidate, Tiled 1.2!

Sep 23, 2018

A month ago I released Tiled 1.2 Beta, which compared to the snapshot before that brought mostly the integrated news feature. I estimated earlier that the final release would take about two weeks, but as it went it took three weeks to launch the Tiled 1.2 Release Candidate (which did bring significant updates and fixes). Then, last week, I finally released Tiled 1.2 (Tweet)!

Like I wrote in the release announcement, as patrons you're making it possible for me to do this, and that is incredible. I'm humbled by your overwhelming support, which makes sure I can keep making this tool better for you and for everybody!

Taking Holidays

Next month, I unfortunately need to take a few weeks off from Tiled development. While I'd really prefer to steam on towards Tiled 1.3 (see Roadmap), the reality is that we're in the middle of a big project to move my family towards a larger home. This has already been keeping me very busy during the last month, which is why I didn't manage to write an update here earlier.

With three growing kids we've been looking for a bigger place for a while already, and two months ago we found an affordable house nearby. We sold our current apartment and need to move to the house in early December. Before we can do that a lot of renovations are necessary. We need to renew the ceilings, walls, floors, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. And to reduce the costs I'm doing as much as possible myself.

So I took holidays. At work I took the whole of October off and during October I will also take my Tiled days off so I can work full time on the house. I expect my time for Tiled to be limited to the evenings, where I will still try to answer posts on the forum and on GitHub. If all goes well I will resume work on Tiled in November.

I hope most of you will continue to support me through this month. I know Patreon has the option to pause the campaign, but I won't use it because I'm seeing this as taking some days off, which I haven't done so far this year. But I would understand if some of you prefer to pause your pledge, and sincerely hope you won't forget to re-pledge when I start working on the next release. Thanks!

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