Beta Sign-Up for a new Strategy Spacegame
Hi there Friends,

I am not sure if you guys are interested in that. But I found this thanks to many people messaging me about it and thought to tell you about it so you also have your chance to play the beta if you like it.

But I want to make clear that this will not impact my video content of Vega Conflict at all. I will probably do a few videos about the game and see how people react to it. If it goes extremely well - it'll become a project that runs next to Vega Conflict. Just so you know that I will still be focussing just as much on VC :)

I have already reached the highest rank "Grand Admiral Manni" :-) but you can still use the link if you like. Here's my short announcement video where I was celebrating the achieved goal after only 2.5 hours or so :-)

And here's a huge Coin-Offer for Vega Conflict also... In case you haven't seen it: Here's my little video about that, too:

Have a good one, guys!