After i merged the last PR of today to the develop branch, i edited some last requests and pushed the code to beta and stable. Fingers crossed that it's stable enough =)

Some stats

I just love stats...

Development last month

- 3 authors worked on HomeyDash

- 175 commits

- 144 files changed

- 16.442 additions and 2.456 deletions

Just awesome! The PRs for additions like new widgets and improvements coming from the community is something i didn't expect this fast, you guys rock!

Usage last month

- 5.694 visits

- 54.326 pages loaded

- 42% Desktop, 30% Smartphone, 25% Tablet and 3% Phablet visits

And next...

From here on this is what i will work on the upcoming week(s) in random order:

- Release system with versioning (and how to automate this)

- Core issues (like the open issues on GitHub)

- Expand plugins and create a few (important) new ones

- Fork the quasar-cli and edit it to a simple homeydash-cli (with scaffolding)

- Find a solution to store settings (see poll here on Patreon)

- Rewrite/Create good docs (oooh and thats harder then i thought...)

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