Beta T-Shirt Design is here!
Hey folks! After a ton of tinkering with the latest t-shirt design in order to get it juuuust right, we have our beta design! Overall, it is the same as the previous one, but with some adjustments to account for the latest requested edits.

So why is this called a beta? Well, I need to see it in actual print before I can approve it, because I'm concerned about whether the smaller names can be read on the actual shirt. That said, I know some of you are concerned about not having your T-shirt before BlizzCon, so I'll put this beta design up in the shop for anyone who wants the beta shirt and doesn't want to risk waiting.

If I think everything is fine with this design, it will be the final design, and everything will be cool! If, however, the small names are too small to read, then I'll basically need to redo the whole design :( 

So if you are one of the smallest names, I would really hold off on getting the beta design. If, however, you don't want to wait and are content with your name in this design, you'll be able to order the beta design in the shop as of tomorrow, at a reduced price to the final design (call it a beta tester discount!)