Better Hate

way down by the gallows

of our history

you’re bound to see shows

of lost misery

lured there by the Sirens

of our fantasies

they’re downed in the shallows

of yore mystery

weighed down by the shadows

of our memories

they're tethered at the ankles, doze-

-ing lazily

smothered by the dozens

with the greatest of Eves

any other Day of favor reckons

these discrepancies...


Better Hate makes


entangled fates

has proved futile

when separate ways

becomes the fashion

thrown away

Is evolution

and their hate has

fed extinction

separate ways

has halted traction

entangled fates

was the solution

but Better Hate

has proved the problem

and other Days

should heed this lesson

that Better Hate makes

truth deniers


So I'm starting to reread Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth, and hoping I'll actually finish it this time. In the introduction he writes a  beautifully apt analogy that has always stuck with me of hypothetical "history deniers" who refute the existence of Rome, and lobby against History teachers that tell their students that the Roman Empire really did exist. The analogy is then extended to include the not so hypothetical situation of Holocaust deniers, and then ultimately to include evolution deniers as well.

This poem is a collage of words and sentiment on a variety of issues, mostly the problem with choosing our own set of facts to operate under. History, is an illusion, I know. It's a loosely agreed upon script that we call a record. Dawkins discusses the pros and cons of eye witness accounts vs inferential evidence better than I ever will, so I'll leave that to him, and I really recommend looking into his book and speeches if you are unfamiliar. His TED talks are a great place to start.


It's easy easy for me to see this same analogy taking place in with the current polarization on both sides of the aisle in the American political circus. I was just on the wrong side of a conversation like this with a friend on Facebook Whether you are for one candidate or the other, you choose your facts, deny others, and repeat this feedback loop until radicalized. I guess we're all victims to this kind of thing, in varying degrees. I wonder if it's possible to ever have a completely open mind about anything.


One of the reasons I view this poem as a collage is that the intended final product is a recorded spoken word track with layers of vocals and noise blended together. I've never done anything quite like this, and after a few hours of recording and rearranging yesterday, I was pretty happy with it so far. I'm hesitant to call it actual music, but I'm having fun making noise either way, and learning to collage in a whole new kind of media for me.

p.s. The audio version of The Greatest Show on Earth is narrated by the man himself and is thoroughly enjoyable!