Better Left Unsaid, a Repost Story

February is National Heart Month, so make sure you’re being nice to YOUR heart, and then read a few reposts about love and other heart-like things. :-)


This one originally posted September 6 2015, and it suggests at a lot of darkness. 


 “It’s the job,” she’d say, when Tchaikovsky announced a text. Better not to say someone’s dead; they either already knew or they’d never get it.

“I’ll be back when I can.” She’d step out carrying her go bag and never saying if I survive. If they understood already, it was cruel. If they didn’t, it was crueler.

“It was hard,” returning, never filling in the gory details, the struggle to pull herself back to humanity, the blood that never totally washed out. If they’d asked, they already knew.

“I’ve got to go:” never even hinting at the pain of being so close to someone so human.