Better Exceptions Major Update

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Huge update for Better Exceptions today, be sure to grab it if you currently have the old version.


  • Auto-updates! That's right, from here on out Better Exceptions will let you know when there's an update and will update it for you in-game, with no interruption to your gameplay. Super excited about this one.

  • Advanced Mod Error Detection: Added a known mod error database so you'll be more likely to receive specific details when you encounter common mod issues.

  • More Details for Game Bugs: Reasons are now provided in-game even if there's not an Answer HQ article for it. The mod will also continue to alert you if any known issues occur after the first exception
    (unknown exceptions stop after the first alert for that session since exceptions occurring after that may be a result of the original exception. This helps target the actual cause.)


I've created a video to better explain the mod, check it out on youtube.

How to Install:

  • Make sure script mods are enabled in your Gameplay Options -> Other tab. It's a separate option from normal mods.
  • Download the .ts4script file directly to your Mods folder. Do not unzip or open it.
  • The mod must be in your Mods root folder. It can not be in a subfolder.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy :)

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