Better Exceptions v2.01 Public Release

It's been a long road, but today's the day. BE v2 is finally ready for an official release!
This version is quite the jump from v1.08, in regards to everything from stability to functionality. As I mentioned in the video, I would put package tracking today somewhere in the realm of a 90%+ success rate for all lastExceptions caused by mods. 🙂

I do heavily recommend watching the video above if you're unfamiliar with BE or are confused about the new Patch Day feature.

⚠ Install instructions have changed from my previous downloads! ⚠

  • Welcome Screen - much like other staple TS4 mods such as MCCC, BE will now provide a welcome screen on your notifications, letting you know that BE is definitely active.
  • Global Package Tracking - The same logic that has helped many players find the troublesome mod files has been expanded to work for virtually all exception types. I'm sure there are still some outliers but successful package tracking should be the rule, not the exception.
  • Reports without Households - Previously reports could only generate if you were able to reach a household. Now BE will still generate your report even if you're stuck at the world screen.
  • Missing Packs - Section of helpers that lists any packs the player does not own.
  • Dedicated Animation Error Handler - Gives you a notification instead of an automatic report, since animation errors are usually ignorable. The notification has a button that will allow you to scan anyway if necessary.
  • Patch Day Scanner - This scanner appears when a new TS4 version is installed or when BE is first installed. The purpose of this scanner is to give you a better starting point for which mods should be removed on patch day. It shows you mods that are technically incompatible with the new patch, and are considered high risk.
  • Test Button - Via the welcome screen, you can now open a menu that will let you force an exception to view a sample BE Report, as well as manually run the patch day scanner.
  • Restructured Report - The broken mod sections have been combined into one expandable section, which auto-expands when there are broken mods reported. This is to help give more visibility to the important part of the report - the part that tells you which mods need updated or removed.
  • Duplicate Mods - Duplicate mods are now noted in the broken mods section
  • Inactive Script Mods - Mods that are installed too deep in the mods folder are now listed, these scripts are not loaded by the game and typically means whatever mod depends on it isn't going to work properly.
  • Junk Files - This section tells you if you have any .pyo or .pyc files in your mods folder. Having those in your folder typically means a script mod was unzipped by accident. Those should be removed and re-installed properly.
  • Keep Previous Report - BE-ExceptionReport.html is now renamed to BE-ExceptionReport-OLD.html when a new game session is started. This keeps the last report in case you need it, but also prevents confusing the player by them grabbing an old report, and thinking it's recent.
  • All Packages - A section that shows all package mods is now available, this is mostly helpful for support teams to help you troubleshoot.
  • BE Interceptor - In some cases, other mods "eat" their exceptions and log them to a separate file. While this is fine, it prevents BE from seeing the error and performing package tracking. Interceptor listens for those events and passes the info from their log to BE for scanning. If BE determines it's not related to their mod, it will generate a report per usual.
  • Offline Dialog Removed - The offline dialog moved to welcome screen. The dialog seemed to confuse more than it helped. If you see that the updater is offline, all it means is that you'll need to manually check for BE updates like you do for most TS4 mods. BE will still work fine.
  • Exception Attributes - Added a New Diagnostic Section to the report that lists the parameters involved in the exception. The section is labeled as "Exception Attributes" and is mainly intended for helpers who may be assisting you with an exception.

EDIT: Under rare conditions, your BE Report may fail to generate if there are special characters in the exception. One example is if you're using an excessive amount of script mods and also have a mod from RedApple. 

This has been corrected. If you've encountered this, please delete BE and grab a fresh copy below.
A separate release will follow soon as v2.02 in order to get this fix to everyone.
Thank you 😊


The mod is now inside a zip. On Mac it may automatically be removed from the .zip when downloaded.

To install, open the zip below and drag the tmex-BetterExceptions.ts4script below to your Mods folder.
Do not open or unzip the .ts4script file.

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