Better Exceptions V2.03

New in v2.03:

  • Fixed an issue where the manual patch day scanner would not work unless you triggered an exception first.
  • Fixed "fallback" scanner not always finishing the report. This is the scanner that runs when the household fails to load entirely.

I do heavily recommend watching the video above if you're unfamiliar with BE or are confused about the new Patch Day feature.

⚠ Install instructions have changed from my previous downloads! ⚠

  • Refined Broken Script Messages: If a script is newer than the python version upgrade date, but still using incorrect python formats, the message will now be an informational "Mod Author needs to update to .pyc standard" instead of the technically incorrect advice to remove the mod.
  • Better detection of Animation Errors: When the exception is caused by an animation error, it's usually ignorable and there's no advantage to scanning and generating a BE Report. Instead you'll get a notification that gives you the option to scan if you'd like.
  • Scanning Dialog Can Now Be Closed: If players had unlucky timing, they could end up causing the scan dialog to get stuck on screen. For this reason, I've added a close button. It should be noted that if BE is actually still scanning and not frozen, closing this dialog will not stop the scan and your game may appear sluggish until it's complete.
  • Help & Resources Updated: The General Exception link has been updated to go to Sims After Dark, where many of them same bots and helpers you're used to can now be found.
    Here's the invite if you'd like to go ahead and join.


The mod is now inside a zip. On Mac it may automatically be removed from the .zip when downloaded.

To install, open the zip below and drag the tmex-BetterExceptions.ts4script below to your Mods folder.
Do not open or unzip the .ts4script file.

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