Ah Better Wife. I can't WAIT to put this one on an album! Ooooh it's gonna be BIG. I started this song on a rickety piano on an island, teased out the bridge in Boston on a friend's magical classical guitar (which is blessedly now mine), and finished her off on a Kimball grand in Pieholden Studio in Chicago, where I was recording Ghost of a Gardener.

Somewhere in the midst of all that, I decided to leave my (dear) husband. This song saw me all the way through it. Through all the sleeplessness, all the terror, all the excitement, the passion, a rebound, many friends' couches and those initial Kings County Courthouse visits. Better Wife is full of double-meanings and long-tailed histories and images you can't see if you look straight on and declarations that don't ring true until you widen the lens.

As for the video itself: a cold February night, deep in the warm belly of The Dakota Tavern in Toronto. Joined by the absolute mensch of man, Ben Whiteley, and filmed by another of the same, Thom Varey. Also I realize I look real scowly when I play the piano. I promise, that's just my own intensity. Not me bein all grumpy up there. Oh! And plug in to listen so you can hear Ben holding down the low end like a boss.

much love,


Better Wife

when the summer finds her light

you're gonna be a better wife, a better wife

all the logic in your world

won't amount to much until you listen good

time is racing 'round the bend

and then you're bound to lose sight,

to lose sight

of when you opened up your mouth

and you climbed up on the table

and you took a photograph

to capture all your bravery

and then you let it all go –

so you could pick it back up

so this is how it feels

to be the one they're thinking of

you're not losing any sleep

out here the breeze it brings a distant dream

walk the island after dark

follow the spark you found – slowly now

and then you take him by the hand

and you lead him to the table

where they take a photograph

to capture good behavior

and then you let it all go –

maybe you'll pick it up again

so this is how it feels to be all alone among men

you're not losing sleep

you're just dreaming everything

no you're not losing sleep

you're just dreaming everything

so get up get up get up!

c'mon get up get up!

you're the one you want!

so get up get up get up!

across the water blue

i feel a tide rising up to pull me through

so when the summer finds her light

i'm gonna be a better wife

a better wife