Betty's Scoliosis Story - Risser's Plaster Body Cast - Now available to our Patrons!
Betty has been diagnosed with scoliosis. The main course of her treatment will be wearing a milwaukee brace for 23h a day. She comes to the clinic to get a plaster mold for her brace... at least that what she thinks! 

To her great surprise, nurses are not taking a plaster mold of her body today, but they apply a Risser's Plaster Body Jacket, that Betty will have to wear untill her Milwaukee Brace will be ready to be fitted on her. She protests and wants to just run away, but nurse calms her down and inform her that it is standard type of treatment for her scoliosis. When her body cast is finished, she goes to her home and learns that there will be a lot of adjustment to her new life in a body cast!

Two Part video and a Picture Set are now available to our Patrons!