Between Stations - Chrysanthe Tan
Happy Leap Day! "Between Stations" is my new song for piano, strings, and sound footage from the London Tube, which I recorded this past summer on a day off from tour. I won't say much about the piece now, but suffice to say it arose from feelings of being in transition. When you know you're on a certain path but it's unclear whether your individual decisions are right. When you can't tell if you're moving too fast or too slow or if you need to switch trains entirely. I often feel like I'm just collecting data and experience, not seeing immediate results, and left wondering what to do with my knowledge, observations, and ideas. How may these things be useful later? Putting together this piece answered a lot of questions for me and helped me contextualize several of my past experiences in a really cathartic way. 

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Another note! Because today feels kind of special and I'm kind of starting to celebrate my birthday month early, l decided at the last minute to give all my patrons (even $1) the mp3 of this demo, so if you're my patron, look out for that in a couple hours! It's not available for purchase anywhere yet, since it's not professionally mixed or mastered. One day, though.

Here's to meaningful journeys,


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