Beware The THWART!

 THWART:  prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.

This woolly booger was the idea of one of my Patrons, and I love it!  Err... I mean I love the concept, not that I love the Thwart, itself, in all of it's thwart-ness.  Oh hell, who am I kidding... how can I not love this crazy, scary, contrary creature? 

Thwarts get in the way. They block our progress.  They deny our dreams.  They pull the wool over our eyes.  They convince us to act sheepish. But worst of all, they shed on the upholstery!!!


Random Unrelated Patron Update:  Perk cards have been shipped from the printer. Download packaging is in progress.  The first card from the Disaster Deck has been created, but I'm not showing it until the +15 patrons get their packs, because it's a surprise!  I've also been busy creating a couple of Tumblr sites so you can more easily refer people to my work by category, and plotting some ways to do create prints -- can you say Screen Printed Qwirks? I knew you could! 

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