Beyond The Stage with Chaquis Maliq
John Voshell recently spoke to Chaquis Maliq on Beyond The Stage. They spoke about her music, inspirations, and upcoming EP. Are you are a Musician or Industry Pro interested in an interview? Please submit the following form. ————------------------------ Chaquis Maliq ————------------------------- Singer, Songwriter, One Woman Band, and producer are just some of the labels to describe Chaquis Maliq. Representing the new breed of women artists taking ownership of their musical paths by leading the songwriting and production of their musical creations, Chaquis Maliq is redefining the playing field as a multi-talented creator. For more information about Chaquis Maliq visit: -------------------------- Beyond The Stage --------------------------- Beyond The Stage lets fans get to know more about Indie and Emerging Musicians. The interviews are hosted by John Voshell and gives fans a look at not only the music of these musicians. It also explores their other passions, and lets fans connect on a more personal level. --------------------- John Voshell -------------------- The last four years with the help of my supporters. We have been able to promote hundreds of musicians worldwide. With the use of interviews, online concerts, and even online music festivals. As someone who has struggled with Bipolar disorder, I have found therapy in music. Music has helped me throughout my life, and this is my way of giving back to the musicians that make it. For more on John Voshell visit: