Hey y'all. This is going to be big fun. A living room kirtan live-streamed all over the world. We'll have time for some questions and answers and stories and who knows what else. Go to and sign up!!!

Lots of love, Jai 

Tier Benefits
Living Room Sessions
$1 or more per month
Thank you for your generous gift
Even a dollar goes a long way, and I’m so happy that you are joining the community here. You’ll have access to the activity feed where I’ll post behind-the-scenes images and updates, we’ll talk and share with one another, and help this community grow. But there’s no need to stop at one dollar - five or ten helps even more!!!! 

Love and gratitude, 


Story Time + Living Room Sessions
$5 or more per month
At least once a month I will tell you a story either from the amazing Vedic tradition or from my own unique and sometimes crazy personal life story.
$100 Tier
$100 or more per month
1-on-1 Tutorial session
We’ll chat 1-on-1 each month to work on an instrument of your choice. Plus all previous rewards.
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