Big Announcement Next Week
Good evening, chaps. 

As you guys are supporting me so much with your pledges, I want to give you the heads up on an announcement I'll be...announcing, next week.  

With the news from Germany today about their law tackling "hate speech" on the Internet, the reports of police raiding homes for distasteful tweets, and the fact the UK government has expressed great interest in policing the Internet in their own way also, I've decided to act on an idea I've had for the last 6 months.  

On Monday or Tuesday I'll state my intent to launch a new media project, a publication written by us, read by us, and spread by us.  It will exist outside of the Internet and allow us to express ideas, some unpopular and definitely controversial, without feeling like we have to look over our shoulders.  I've always romanticized "old media" and I feel it is swinging back not only into relevancy, but as a necessity.    

I'll of course get into more specifics next week and give information on how you can get involved.  I'll stress I'm still in the planning stages and this is a long term project, but the ball is definitely going to start rolling. 

Thanks for your time and support as always.