Starting in August we will be changing our rewards. Don't worry, this will be the first positive change in the shitty history of change! We're... wait for it... giving you MORE!

That's right, more! We have been blown away by the generosity of our listeners we've decided to offer even more content for your hard earned money. So here's the deal...

Starting in August the TV & Me Podcast will be moved to a sporadic schedule and will be available for free as part of our main feed!

$3 patrons will now get The Gary Lee Show podcast. What is it? Fuck if I know, but you'll get it in addition to the shit you're already getting so don't complain. I'm sure I'll figure it out before August. This will be a monthly show... you're welcome.

$10 patrons will now receive our newest podcast called, Listeners Beware. A podcast where Gary will review and recap each and every episode of the hit 90's kids show, Goosebumps. Will he have special guests? Maybe. What's with the third degree. I'm not on trial here, I'm just trying to give you free shit. Listeners Beware will be a biweekly show.

In conclusion, our subscription prices will stay the same, we just want to give you even more as a way to say thanks. Your generosity and support has helped out a lot. We're only a month in to this endeavor and YOU are already helping us cover production costs. We honestly can't thank you enough!

- Gary & Jenks