Big announcement!

Just a short post to tell you all that I will be traveling abroad for two weeks in June. This trip was planned more than a year ago, and I'll be visiting a country I intend to move to, on the opposite side of the Earth, scouting some places, meeting people.

What does this mean for the game? The next update, 0.6, will be released on May 29, same as before. 

For 0.7, it will be released at the end of June but will be shorter.

During my time away from home, I will still be working on the game, the story particularly, but I won't have access to my personal computer, so no renders unfortunately. I will have time to revisit the dialogues of previous updates and rework some of them, something I wanted to do for quite some time now, but I don't really have the time usually because I'm so focused on the next release.

We will still have a design poll, and exclusive content for Tier4 patrons, of course!

I'm a bit conflicted because I want to provide you with not only the best content possible in term of quality, but something of acceptable size also. However, this trip is something really important to me, as, like I said, it's a project I've been preparing for a long time. 

I wish to thank you all again for your support, this game means a lot to me and I'll be back at it, rendering like crazy, as soon as I come back home, mid June. 

I'll post a preview for 0.6 later today, so stay tuned!


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