Big Announcement: Rebuilding

Hey everybody, thanks for your support this month!

Over the past few weeks I've been investigating moving from wordpress to a static website generator.

My motivations for doing this are:

1. I want a cleaner theme with greater page width, more suitable to reading articles.

2. I want the fastest possible page load time.

3. I'm really sick of using wordpress after 10 years of it.

4. Make it quicker for me to write articles. Currently I have to do this online inside wordpress and this slows me down. 

5. I'd like to be able to write articles in my favorite text editor while offline, with version control (github) so I'm not worried about ever losing content if the site gets hacked.

6. Wordpress is known to not be particularly secure. Static websites are just a bunch of HTML, javascript and assets. Solved problem.

7. Static websites scale better.

8. Unify all posts into a single type. Right now on wordpress there are front page blog "posts", and "pages" (articles) which are separate. This is frustrating and makes the RSS feed annoying, as well as creating extra work for me to continually write "posts" to advertise the otherwise invisible on the timeline "pages". I'd much rather have a unified post type where all posts go in the same timeline, while linking together article series with categories or top-level posts.

I originally experimented with converting to "Jekyll" (  but ultimately settled on "Hugo" ( because I liked its structure a bit better, and it's written in golang and is a much faster to regenerate the site content from source.

My plan is to port the existing content of to this website over the next month and see how it goes. Once it's as good or better, I'll flip the switch and make it the official site, while adding HTTP redirects so all the old links point to the new content.  I'm optimistic it's going to work out pretty well!

Here is a quick example showing the theme and layout, as well as a reworked introduction for the latest article "Client Server Connection". I'm continuing to work on finishing this article this week, and you can find the latest draft of it here as I work on it:

Let me know what you think!


- Glenn

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