Big As The Wall 2
If you've read the Skitter archives, you might remember THIS COMIC .  Poor li'l Luna being tormented by a scary spider.  And her dad wouldn't believe her. Since then, Luna has befriended Jack the spider and the tables have turned! With her shrink watch , Jack can actually grow as big as the wall.  Looks like Daddy's the scaredy cat now!

In other news, last weekend (2017-03-25) I attended the Schaumburg Library comic con to promote Skitter and accumulate a few email and snail-mail sign-ups.  Those who subscribed were entered into a drawing to win a Skitter mug.  The winner was Jon C!  Congratulations, Jon! 

You can watch the actual drawing HERE .

This weekend I posted a page to the Skitter web site explaining the importance of signing up for Skitter email .  It's a means for you to continue to read Skitter for free even if other social media services fall out of popularity.  

Soon I'll be doing an "email drive" to encourage Skitter fans like you to sign up.  If you're already a Patreon patron, don't worry about it.  You already receive email updates. 

That's it for now!  


( Today's Patreon "Thank You" goes to The "Gilmore Girls"! )


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