The Big Bad. Jonas Murdoch.

Meet your Maximum Baddie. No, not Connor Macgregor, but this is 'look' I'm going for. I settled on the name Jonas Murdoch early in the piece. Unlike the other main characters, he's not a patron. Partly that because he's got some dark work to do in this narrative, and partly because I just like the slightly Biblical name of Jonas, and the sly wink to Lord Rupert in the choice of Murdoch for the surname.

I've cribbed some of his biographical details from a profile of an Alt Right douchebag I won't identify. I'll polish him up a bit over the next weeks. Feel free to suggest details such as Habits/Mannerisms, which I'm still thinking about.


Role in Story

The Adversary. The Antagonist. The Big Bad.


Attorney. ‘Retired’. Actually disbarred. Now calls himself a freedom fighter. 

Physical Description

Early thirties. Fit. Strong. Gym douche. Confronting haircut. He is not a trained fighter, but he is willing to do great violence much earlier than anybody else.  


Inflated grandiosity propels Murdoch and complements his particular brand of extremism. He’s a well-read man in possession of some intellectual talent. But in his own mind, he is a genius, a prophet, a revolutionary and a conqueror — even a god — destined to lead His People in a “great war.”

See: Internal Conflicts.


He wears alligator shoes that cost him $500 when he had no money and his kids were hungry.  They were the shoes he wore to the meeting when he sold his first blog idea to the billionaire behind Breitbart. He always judges people by their shoes. “A man that doesn’t care about his shoes doesn’t care about anything.” He pays a lot of attention to women’s shoes as well and is the only heterosexual man most people know who can name ladies shoe brands. He’s quite homophobic. Became ordained over the internet within the Church of God Eternal. Always gets others to pay for what he wants. Is very charming. 


He is a criminal defense lawyer who claims to have “resigned” from his profession. (He was disbarred). He preaches on his podcast and writes in his blog that the strong will inherit the earth. He claims his enemies are communists, “cultural Marxists,”, down-breeders and the “international financiers”. His podcast blog and websites are a toxic hell stew of racism, sexism and a glorification of the cleansing properties of violence.

He was born in Cincinnati, in 1981. His mother took him to Florida to escape an abusive father and husband. He attended high school in Fort Lauderdale. He dropped out of college, and by 2006 he was married with three children, one of them with Down Syndrome. He was working nights at a “pill mill” pharmacy that was raided and shut down by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

From his podcast, The Centurion: “I swore vengeance on the DEA and vowed that I would return to college, go to law school and enter into politics, and that one day I would shut their office down and put their families on the street.”

He abandoned his family and moved west. He graduated law school in 2010 from Whittier Law School in Orange County, California. (The worst law school in the continental US). He was disbarred for failing to pay child support. Now makes a lot more money via affiliate links and subscriptions to his constellation of survivalists and Alt-Right websites and his podcast.

Internal Conflicts

He may be nuts. He is undeniably intelligent, but even before things fall apart he was flakey. He ticks most of the boxes in the DSM 5 for narcissistic personality disorder: Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from other people. Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc. A self-perception of being unique, superior. He needs continual admiration from others, has a sense of entitlement to special treatment, and is unable to empathise with others. His is envious and arrogant.

External Conflicts

Before the Fall he thrust himself into the centre of the Alt Right, attacking the usual cultural, racial and political foes. As things fall apart he establishes The American Redoubt in Wyoming. This will bring him into conflict with our heroes. Initially with James O’Donnell and Melanie Miles. 


To come...