Big-Big Update Released
Hello Everyone!

I've just pushed up the rather large update that's taken the last few months.  There's a lot there and I'm pretty excited about it.

Build Plans: You may now create your entire build plan.  On the 'Class' page, you may add levels in all available classes up to level 20, establishing the entire path for your player character.

Feat Selections: You may also select all non-class specific feats on the Feats page, up to level 20.  As you all know, all players - regardless of class - receive a feat at every odd level.  As you add levels to your character in your Build Plan, you may also add feats for that particular level on the Feats page.

In future updates, feats granted from racial traits or class features will be updated so as to be selected on the Feats page.

Skill Selections: You may set all of your skill points up to level 20, or as many character levels as you have added to your build plan.  The community within Paizo's forums were kind enough to provide rapid feed back on a number of screenshots of prototypes of this page, and that feedback helped to light a path to an efficient design which is intended to allow you to set all skill levels in a single skill with a minimal amount of clicks and waiting.

Build Now, Level Later: Tabletop Giant is designed under the notion of creating your entire build plan before hand, and then simply 'upping' your level on your character sheet.  This has been implemented.  At the top of the character sheet is a 'Set Active Level' option that you may use to set the current level to be presented in your character sheet.  

Tabletop Giant's First Complete Class - the Fighter: I am really proud to be able to say that Tabletop Giant now offers full class support for one of the oldest core classes in the game - the Fighter.  A player may now make all level specific class selections, such as Weapon Training and Weapon Mastery and the character sheet will correctly update throughout all twenty levels.

With the completion of the Fighter also comes with the completion of 34 Fighter archetypes.  With the exception of the Viking - who's rage powers will be implemented when we work with the Barbarian - all archetypes have had their UI designed and are available for use.

Classes Other than Fighter: Other classes will not be complete until a user interface has been built for it.  Each class will be its own project; however, the way they are created will make future classes easier and easier to implement as progress is made.  Until a user interface is created for a given class, players with that class will not be able to make their level specific class selections (e.g., Rogue Talents, Rage Powers, etc.) beyond level one.  

What's Next: 

Aside from fixing reported bugs - which typically have priority - the race and racial trait pages will be integrated with the new system.  This task will involve internal restructuring as well as an update to the user interface.  While these pages are updated we will also add two new races - the Androids and the Catfolk.

After that task, we will be updating the Cleric to full level 20 functionality.  While this work is in progress, a review will also be made of the Cleric archetypes, and wherever reasonable those will also be implemented concurrently.

Future endeavors will run through the core classes, starting with the Rogue and the Wizard, before delving into non-core classes.  

Everyone's support is greatly appreciated - thank you!