'sup homies,

     Has anyone said to you "If you practice something for 10,000 hours you will become a master in the subject"?

While this isn't true it could be close. I find the 10,000 rule to be a target with the incorrect thought of there being an end to mastery, master sportsman still have a coach and practice,  Professional singers still go to voice coaches, artists take classes to learn new things.

10,000 hours is 416 days, of course that's straight through everyday 24/7. after no sleep for almost a year and a half you better be damn good at what you're studying. but you'd actually be dead if you tried that so lets try to switch this up a little and break it down.

There are only 24 hours in a day. so let's do some... math
24 Hours
- 1-3 hours for some  research on our topic
-8 hours for sleep
-8 hours for work
That's 5-7 hours of free time.
This leaves time for more sleep? More work? More YouTube? More gaming? More walks? More food? More food? all in all more free time.

So what does this mean? 
Take your skills you're working, it doesn't have to be five but more than one so you're not bored. This can be anything you are interested in and wouldn't mind being a hobby, or if it comes to it, be fun if you got a job doing it. Spend a couple of hours a day working on it if you feel your self getting burnt out switch up the skill, (The reason for picking so many) and this becomes almost a college degree in time of only working on things you want to. Post your progress online so maybe that one guy who is looking for the guy with the knowledge you have can find you. 

I spend anywhere from 1-3 hours working on my traits The guild being at least half of it. Sometimes I get busy or want to do other things. So I make the deal of at least an hour working on things so in a year look back through these things and you'll see exactly how much you can get done with only 1-3 hours of work.

My high school my Art Teacher gave me some solid advice, "No one gets good in a day, If they do you've been hustled" - Sami Anderson

Fight the good Fight,