It's my life's impossible dream to meet everyone and shake their hands.

My Biggest obstacle is I am absurdly awkward during first meetings.

I have absolutely no shame it putting myself out there and introducing myself it's the split second after that, My mind always freezes and goes "I know absolutely nothing about this person, What do I say now?

To fix this I have been practicing spatial awareness, which is the ability to pick up on things in their surroundings and try to make assumptions or relate in some way to find a conversational subject.

Besides my love for coffee, It's why I try to consistently work at coffee shops. It helps with small talk. I try to talk to at least one person to get to know them every time I work, and what I've learned is people love to reject conversations. it's fine, I do it all the time, but I've found it actually gets easier to handle the more it happens.

"Hi there sir, how are you?"
 *stares back at me with a blank expression*
"I want a large caramel macchiato."
"absolutely, Have a good day."
That's how it usually goes.

Because of this I usually seem less awkward, fewer people reject conversation, more hands are shaken, closer to my dreams.The next few blogs are observations I've made and a grouped up and broken down version of several books I've read on being a better conversationalist.