Hello friends,

      This months theme is basically beginnings. It's to show who I am and how I got to here, Last week I explained how I go to the idea for the guild this time I'm going to explain myself personally within the guild.

       I have made and remade my goals so many times to align with each other in the last three years I've managed to teach myself something. 

      Goals and Dreams are moving targets and are to be strung together until they find a way to unite at the end instead of hitting them in passing. which is why I have put all of my goals into simple words to help me know what i'm working towards and not a specific goal which I must hit or I fail because life isn't binary it's a big gray area. 

Here are those words

  1. Animation - at the moment I know some basics of animation, learning more every day. I want my name in some credit's someday.

  2. Coffee - I jumped off of a train in some small town in Colorado and the first place I stepped foot in was my all time favorite coffee shop called Deja Brew. I then fell in love with the coffee shop feel. I got a job at Starbucks then switched to a smaller coffee shop and learned the difference real fast.I know coffee will always be a part of me.

  3. Solid Snake - My very first video game was Metal Gear Solid Snake. He was just so cool to my 6-year-old brain, and because of that, he is one of my heroes. Smart, Sneaky, a master fighters, and above all else a smart ass. I want to be a similar person minus the killing people part.

  4. Routine - I am not a man of routine, and I feel the structure of the guild will help me with that, I will work on this but to be frank it's the first thing I'll throw away in place of the other nine aspects of myself.

  5. Socialize - I moved a lot as a child k-12 = 27 schools because of this I've learned that my roots are made with socializing and not in a house. I can talk to everyone and I want to.

  6. Travel - I once traveled to Germany through a butt-ton of hard work and some extreme generosity and ever since then, I want more.

  7. Guild - You're lookin' at it. it's my way to make life more interesting.

  8. Learn - I am on degree number three and I've realized I love to learn all the things that interest me, and what better thing to do than sharing my findings with all of you.

  9. Sights - There are moments in life when I stop and see whats around me and go wow. it usually sends me into a mode of over thinking and if I ever post a picture followed by some nonsense it's this one getting to me.

  10. unusual - I had a rocky childhood at best and because of this I feel; I have an ability to sit down and see potential domino effects or paths to take where these sorts of things happen. If you ride out unusual events cool things usually happen. 

      These are me and only me. They may apply to others but collectively they each connect to me on a level I've spent the last three years boiling myself down to.

      Everything I do is to enhance these specific goals I have in some way, albeit sometimes they clash but none the less you can understand what I do by these ten words above.I promise two blog posts a month every other Saturday at 12:30 PM

With love and cuddles,