The Big Change - Cutting Down on Deviants
It’s time for another drastic change but this will be the last. When chapter 8 ends, I am cutting down Deviants from two pages a week to one page a week (starting June 3rd). I’m going to bring back Super Sexy (again) but change things up a bit. Aya will be the artist for it. Just like Eva, it will be a comic that updates weekly for $5 patrons and one page a month will be released for everyone else. This change is necessary in order to keep Sexyverse Comics going. Here’s why:

-Money. Let’s get to the big problem. This Patreon has taken a HUGE hit and building back up will be tough. Notice the graph above? I need to get more patrons and pledges to stay afloat. Deviants is a great comic with great art and (hopefully) great writing. So providing this comic free for everyone and at high resolution for just $1 a month is not a luxury I can afford anymore.

-Interest. There comes a time when a writer gets tired of their work. Deviants is nearing 200 pages when chapter 8 finishes. That’s a lot in the span of a couple of years. Future chapters will be shorter and the plot will move forward a bit faster to help compensate. A usual chapter would take a little over two months to finish but now it’ll be about three months.

-Interest part 2. After that whole mess with Patreon I have been doing the bare minimum and have lost the will to promote and push for Sexyverse Comics the past few months. It pains me because I know that promoting and pushing will help get more patrons which will help out with the first problem. But it’s so hard to muster that enthusiasm.

-Interest part 3. It’s not fair to all the patrons but the feeling of seeing patrons that were pledging $5 or $10 just wiping away their support in large numbers hits me hard. Rarely do they drop it to $1 at the very least. That sounds entitled and I’m sure it is but the feeling is that Deviants isn’t worth even the bare minimum pledge. Two full resolution comics a week of a great comic with gorgeous art. I’m sure there’s many good reasons and I know that my cutting down on content is a factor, but I offered too much from the start and I realize that it isn’t the best idea for this medium. I feel like I’m not good enough to succeed in this. That’s the killer. That’s what hits me the most because it is this feeling of futility. But I love writing these comics. I want to make a universe. But I don’t see it working out, not at this rate. So something had to change.

-Change brings hope. I felt better when I got Eva rolling and I feel much better just thinking about Super Sexy. That will help me rediscover the passion in doing all this. I’m going to be sticking to this for a while so this is important. I need to become invested again as I hopefully recover from this. And I need you. If you read this far then you hopefully want to see things here get better. I can’t do it on my own, I’ll need your help as well.