Big change in my life!
Hello out there!

There's been a big change in my life in the past week. Last Sunday, me and my husband James went with a friend across the pass in the Cascades to pick up...

You guessed it!

A dog. 

His name is Deimos, and he is wonderful. 

He is a miniature pinscher who is sweet as pie... unless you're a guy, and then he wants nothing to do with you! Definitely a woman's dog.

Which is good, because he's my little protector now, and will join Muriel, my feline foreman, in the task of keeping me safe and secure as I venture deeper into The Place In The Paint and all the terrible wonders it holds.

I hope to see more of you as the year passes, so please feel free to give me some feedback on what you would like to see, and any project you would like for me to work on.

I love all of you, and want to thank each and every one of you for the investment you place in me and my art.

You're wonderful!

Til next time...

May The Horse Be With You!