IMPORTANT! Hello everyone! You may have noticed it's been one month that I didn't take any pledge. In fact, I stopped it when I realized the Patreon system I made was more slowing me down than helping me. I've been thinking a lot about that and I would like now to sum up the situation. I have some bad news to announce, coming from the amount of school work I have now which makes me unable to continue like I did before. Before now, I could achieve every pledges' rewards, make the Mauxie and the Memory Lapse comics, and try some other new stuff too. But this is becoming more and more irrealistic. Like I said on my Tumblr, this is the first time I try a system like Patreon, and to realize some things I tried can't work was inevitable. - I'm going to erase all pledges' rewards. This means there won't be any Doodles and drawings anymore, and THERE WON'T BE ANY COMMISSION ANYMORE NEITHER. These works were taking too much of my time, and I know most of you are here with the purpose of helping me to create more comics for everyone. If your pledge was given in the aim of a reward, please modify it as you like, or even erase it if you are not interested anymore. - The amount of Mauxie and Memory Lapse comics is going to decline. I was trying to do one Memory Lapse comic per month, but this is now really too difficult so I can't say when the next one will be published. I also wish I could make one Mauxie comic per day like I used to do some monthes ago, but even one per week is hard now, especially if I also want to try some new things to entertain you, like the addition of Audrey Ramirez in my most recent works (and I really don't want to crossover her with the Mauxie or Memory Lapse serie, I think that would ruin them). Also, like with the Ajee and Vax comic I published some weeks ago (I don't think I'll continue it now), I may try to do more non-pony things. Once again, if your pledge was given in the aim of only seeing Mauxie and Memory Lapse comics, or only pony comics, please modify it as you like, or even erase it if you are not interested anymore. My first goal, after entertaing you, is to always be the most honest and clear with you who are kindly helping me continue to do what I like (sharing my stories with everyone !). Feel free to ask me anything. PS : If this wasn't clear : I'm still going to continue to draw comics.