Hello everyone! So I've been thinking long and hard, and have come up with an idea that hopefully everyone will be happy about!

Basically, the change is this: a more accessible Discord server to potentially foster a community and use community feedback to shape the future of my channel! The three contrived reward tiers have been reduced to just one which basically contains all of the others for just $1 a month.

What changes for those not interested?

Nothing! You're free to keep your pledge as it is, lower it to $1, or cancel entirely. I am simply making this post to alert existing patrons that way they can adjust their pledge accordingly and/or re-select the new reward.

How can I join the Discord server?

Simply navigate to your Patreon settings, and under accounts link up your Discord account. Patreon integrates with Discord to automatically invite you to the server and apply a special Patron role! [This should happen at the beginning of the next payment cycle, if not immediately.]

I don't have Discord, what is it?

Discord is everything people wish Skype were! It works as a mobile app, as a download, and even right in your browser. Servers often contain multiple voice and text channels for people to communicate with and are managed with a large number of customizable settings and member roles. Since you can use it right in your browser, it's easy to sign up and use even if you've never heard of it before.

Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to hearing from you guys, whether you decide to join us in the server or not. Have a great day/night! /)