Big Changes Happening on Patreon! I'm finally getting with the times...

Hello Patrons!

There’s some exciting changes coming to my Patreon page and wanted to give you the heads up on what’s happening.

I’ve seen many of my good friends and fellow creators on Patreon make the transition from accepting pledges on a per creation basis to a monthly basis. A few of you have asked over the last few months why I don’t make that transition and the honest answer is that I was afraid that with my schedule, there would be some months where I couldn’t produce content. However, I've found a good creative/productive groove and with 80% of artists on Patreon having moved to accepting monthly pledges instead of per creation, it’s made me rethink the matter. After contemplating this for months now, I’ve decided to finally make that transition as well.

This does come with some changes. Whether I release 1, 2, 3, or 10 .mp3s in one month or release a whole pile of sheet music, you'll no longer have to set a monthly maximum. You just decide how much you want to pledge every month. While most rewards will stay the same, I’ve adjusted some of the rewards to be more suited for this monthly format. I’ve also added some additional perks and rewards that I’m pretty excited about - particularly with the new $7+ level (free monthly online concert and Q&A for my patrons) as well as the new $20 and $50 rewards. Take a look!

It’s important to note that this transition does not alter your current pledge amount. If you'd like to change the amount you are pledging, simply log in to your account, make any adjustment to your pledge, and select the reward you'd like.

I’m planning on making the change official next week on Wednesday, September 13. I’ll send a reminder leading up to that and I’ll also have some cool new stuff to share around that time.

Thanks again as always for your support. I’m really excited about the music and instructional material to come.

$1 - Immediate access to .mp3s as they get released
Access to Patron-only feed (updates, news, and giveaways)

$3 - Video This level gives you access to “behind the scenes” video of some compositions and arrangements as they’re being written, the thought process behind them, and how I practice a piece to work it up to speed.
(all rewards at previous level included)

$5 - Sheet Music + CD I’m constantly writing and arranging new music for all levels. I also have a number of instructional book projects in the works. At this level you'll have access to the sheet music for all of my instructional projects and upcoming book releases.

IN ADDITION, every December, you have the option to request a physical CD with up to 15 tracks of your choice from my Patreon posts. This CD will be a one of a kind CD professionally printed and shrink wrapped just for you!
(all rewards at previous level included)

$7 - Monthly Patron-only live video stream and chat.
I’ll play, talk, answer questions AND you can exercise your patronly influence by telling me what you want to hear.
(all rewards at previous level included)

$10 - Discounts Galore!
15% off all items on my website ( including books, CDs, and private lessons.
(all rewards at previous levels included)

$20 - Your Private Music Coach
Monthly 15 minute music coaching session over Skype or FaceTime. This short private lesson format is available ONLY to patrons.
(all rewards at previous levels included)

$50 - A Tune just for YOU - Planxty [fill in your name here]
I’ll compose a short piece of music in your honor (AABB format like a common fiddle tune or waltz). You can also regift this dedication to a family member or friend. Please allow 3 months for completion.

PLUS, you also have an invitation (but no obligation!) to join myself, Dan Landrum, and Stephen Seifert as a special guest on the Dulcimer Geek Podcast. We’ll talk and premier the composition written in your honor!
(all rewards at previous levels included)

$65 - House Concert
A free annual house concert for you and anyone you’d like to invite!
(all rewards at previous levels included)

$100 - The Collection
You get everything from the previous levels including the house concert and original composition, along with my entire collection of books and CDs published to date (19 books + 5 studio albums). Also, if you have any special requests (private workshop, a scotch whisky tasting, you name it…) I will do everything in power to make your support for my art worth your while.
Thanks again for being a patron. If you have any questions at all about this transition or the rewards, please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]