Big changes — please read!
Hi everyone, as I indicated last month, I've changed the structure of my Patreon from per-item to per-month. This way I don't have to feel guilty about producing content; every time I published something I worried I was going to make things too expensive and cause a hardship for you guys. And you don't have to wonder how steeply you're going to be charged at the end of the month, or how often I'll publish. With the change in structure has come a significant change in tiers and rewards. I've added a couple of new rewards (semi-annual PDF mini-magazines being the main one) and spaced things out a bit. The physical rewards are priced somewhat expensively, but that's because they're expensive to actual produce and ship — I've set things up so that I won't be working break-even after taxes, Patreon's cut, printing, and shipping, which is unfortunately the case at the moment. You'll probably want to revisit the tiers and see where you are interested/comfortable in supporting this campaign. Hopefully enough of you will revise upward to at least keep Game Boy World funded, at least. If not, well, we'll always have Anatomy of Games. As always, I have no sense of entitlement about any of this, only gratitude. If nothing else, it's been a fun couple of months producing Anatomy and Game Boy World content and knowing people were interested enough in what I was doing to help fund my work. It's much easier to justify passion projects when you're not taking time away from making a living. Thank you for your support, which has made this possible, and please look forward to more content (and more frequent content!) in the days and months ahead. I'll be kicking off my first backer-requested Anatomy of Games series as soon as Bionic Commando wraps, which is pretty exciting. And finally, I will be placing the order for the Anatomy of Mega Man print editions (for those of you who are due one) by the end of the week. Expect to see those in your mail box by the end of the month.