Big City Cowgirl Brings Country to New York
On Friday, June 17th, the Morning Brew featured a brand new artist here on the Blitz. Sondra Toscano, who goes under the name, "Big City Cowgirl" took our speakers by storm with her new single, "Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night)"

A tribute to the late Merle Haggard. It was obvious from this Californian, that the New Yorker behind this country song, had watched some, "Hee-Haw" in her day.

Born in Long Island, New York and raised in Brooklyn, Toscano's passion for country music was instilled in her by her mother. Observing that, "Country music is pure, and real." and her biggest desire is for her songs to resonate with people. Nothing is more important than connecting with people and if she can reach just one person through her music it fills her with a happiness words cannot describe. 

Toscano has always had a passionate connection to music, "It speaks to me, it is a dear friend. Writing songs is a cathartic, it gives me a voice for myself and others."

During elementary school she sand in the choir, and credits her choir director with pushing her and encouraging her, giving her the ability to find the courage to trust herself and embrace her musical ability.  As a little girl, Toscano had insomnia and would stay awake at night writing lyrics and humming melodies. The problem was, she didn't have any way to capture them. As she grew into a teenager she began to learn guitar and piano. "I wasn't very good, but good enough to put my ideas down."  It was around that time another musician introduced her to her first studio experience. She recalls, "I loved being in the studio because I knew everyone in there loved music as much as I did." 

Soon she began to front for other bands and eventually met a European songwriter, which led to a collaboration that required her leaving the United States to record and write more songs. After about six months she returned, and while she loved the experience of working in another country, the USA is her home. A place she says she could never permanently leave.

But like with everything in life, other things come along, such as work, marriage, and motherhood.  With the arrival of her daughter, music made its return to her life. Toscano and her daughter would watch country music videos on CMT together, and tune into, The Highway on Sirius XM Radio. Country music became such a huge part of Toscano and her daughter's life that one of the first words her daughter ever said was, "Yee-Haw!"  Inspired by her daughter's natural love for music, it encouraged her to pick up and re-learn the guitar so she could write music. During this time she would notice her daughter mimicking her with her own junior guitar. She didn't need anymore encouragement than that. The music just began to flow from that point on. Songs would come to her while she would be driving, forcing her to pull over and write down the words, or in the middle of the night, she'd wake up and jot down the lyrics that came to her with any writing implement she could get her hands on.  (Why do I have visions of eyeliner pencils being used here?) 

With all that talent and support from her family, Toscano released her first EP at the end of 2015, entitled; "City Zipcode, Country Heart."  

Her most recent single and one of the featured tracks here this week on Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz is the heartfelt original, "Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night). A love story set in the old west, which always serves as a perfect backdrop for a country song. 

You can find Big City Cowgirl on the links below and hear her amazing song all this week on The Morning Brew with Tom Slick. ~

"Now here's Roy."

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