The Big Easy and JD go together well
I arrived today in New Orleans which is probably the filming location I am most excited about over the last couple years because I love this city. I'm still not quite over this cold but feel that it is improving. For that reason I decided to take it pretty easy today. I start shooting the new show tomorrow which is awesome for a few reasons. I get to see and hang out with my brothers, I am reunited with a lot of crew members that I've been working with for years and for the first time ever, officially on the job with Annalee. My heart and soul are very happy. There are so many amazing things for us to see and do in the region. It's going to be a busy couple months but I am thrilled at all the prospects. I feel like this could be the kick of to some great initial content that will translate into future projects for Annalee and me. As for tonight, I am going to exit my hibernation to seek out some tasty treats for dinner. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to share.