Big Fat Geek Wedding is running again!
Hey everyone, So during the last 48 hours my sites were being brutally attacked by people trying to access the xmlrpc.php files of my wordpress installations. Thankfully I didn't actually use them but in my haste it looked like they were still trying to hack me and keep my CPU usage up to 100%. After all day literally I figured out it was an issue of plugins doing constant updating while I was trying to check live traffic to see if hackers were still trying to get in. So I was chasing my own tail most of yesterday. So it was actually two things there were hackers trying to get in but I had shut that part down much earlier than I realized. But now BFGW is back up and I think okay. If you've not used your discount code from July or before please do so. I did have to remove those who had accounts already as a precaution. No sensitive data was able to be gotten as my site doesn't store that info. I'll be sending an email about to those who had user accounts there explaining it better. If you do see any issue please let me know right away so I can fix it but as of a few hours ago things were working. As for I did delete somethings that are making the layout not really work. This isn't a huge deal as I was gonna re haul it all soon anyways. I guess that just go bumped up sooner is all. So thanks for sticking with me and again contact me with any issues don't be shy. I also started putting up one of the old Party Favors on my etsy show just to see if they would sell there. It sadly takes a portion of sales so I'm not sure if I'll add a lot there or not. But it would open me up to new clients which is always good. You can check it out here: